How to remove malware virus from wordpress site



How to remove malware virus from wordpress site

– 1st take a “clean” back-up of the site.
Download the backup file then scan all file by computer antivirus.

– Please note that: if there is only one website on the server and contain wordpress files then we
should take this step.

– after scan all files then we have to setup a fress copy of the wordpress on the local server then
intregate the theme and plugins with importing database and update all plugin .
Rev slider is one of the culprit wordpress plugin so we have to delete and update the Rev slider.

– then we can do a autometical scan by Wordfence Security — WordPress Plugins
so that core wordpress files can be cleaned(restored)this way.

– Look for any php files in any image, css, upload, download, etc directories that would not normally have a php file in them. Check the file contents for base64 strings and thing that point to it being a php shell such as “FilesMan”, “c999sh”. If you find files like this, DELETE THEM.

– Once we’ve cleaned the site – UPGRADE it if we are not running the latest version to remove any possible publicly available vulnerabilities.

– would recommend checking permissions; files should be at 644 and directories at 755 (this depends on your hosting company/server – this is the most common setting).

– Once we have completed all those steps, go to http://www.google.com/webmasters and if we don’t already have an account create one (Obviously if we have one – skip this step).

– Once we’ve created our account, add our site, then on the left hand side, click on “Health”, “Malware” . If they have we flagged, and we have cleaned our site, submit it for re-evaluation. This usually will take between 48-72 hours before we are cleared.

How to remove malware virus from wordpress site