how to Installing the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin


how to Installing the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin



1.First, log into your WordPress admin dashboard.



2. Once logged into your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over Plugins, and click on Add New. You will then be taken to the plugin installation page.




3.On the plugin installation page, you will see a search box. In this search box, enter EWWW Image Optimizer and click on Search Plugins. Once you have submitted your search, you will be presented with a list of plugins that match your search query.




4.Within your search results page, the top result will be EWWW Image Optimizer which is the plugin that we are looking for. To install it, click on Install Now. WordPress will then handle the download and installation of the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin. Once complete, be sure to click the Activate Plugin link to ensure that it is active on your site.

Recommended settings for the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin

Now that you have installed the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin, it’s time to set it up.



  1. To access the settings for EWWW Image Optimizer plugin, hover over Settings to the left side of your WordPress dashboard, and click on EWWW Image Optimizer. You will then be taken to the settings page where all of your image optimization settings will be defined.



2.  First, be sure that all of the optimization methods are enabled. To do so, scroll down under General Settings and ensure that the boxes for disable jpegtran, disable optipng, disable pngout, and disable gifsicle are all unchecked.




3.  We also recommend that you remove all metadata from the image. Metadata is the extra information such as comments and creation date that is stored within the image file. Over all of your images, removing the metadata can save a large amount of space. To remove all metadata from the images, select the checkbox labeled Remove metadata.

  1. Once your settings are defined, scroll to the bottom and click on Save Changes.

Optimizing your images with the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin


  1. To begin optimizing your images, hover over Media on the left side of the WordPress dashboard and click on Bulk Optimize. Once on this page, click the Import Images button to import all of your images into the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.


  1. First, I recommend setting a delay between images being optimized as this will assist you server loads during the conversion. In the text field at the top of the page, change it to delay a few seconds. Usually 5 seconds or so is a good delay to set here.


  1. Next, you will want to optimize your Media Library. To do so, click on Start optimizing under the Optimize Media Library heading.
  2. After you have started optimizing your media library, you will see a screen that will shows the progress of each file as well as how much it was reduced.


  1. Once complete, jump back over to the Bulk Optimize page and look for the heading labeled Optimize Everything Else. Under this heading, click Scan and optimize. The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin will then go through all other images such as those within your theme and optimize them.
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