How to Create a Duplicate Menu in WordPress


WordPress Use very fantastic navigation system. They’re a fabulous component that can frequently represent feature that can often make or break a theme. Menus aren’t extremely versatile out of the crate, in any case. In case you’re hoping to roll out an improvement to a Menu you’re practically living up to expectations live without a fast approach to return back to an old version. That is the place Duplicate Menu comes in.

Copy Menu will allow you to make a second (or third, or fourth, and so forth.) duplicate of a current Menu to do with what you will. It produces the clone on an automatic level and reproduces every single essential relationship to guarantee the structure is held too.


Why and When You Need a Duplicate Menu?

When you are attempting with a new theme, and your old theme had a flawlessly designed menu, you have two alternatives.

Change the first menu or rapidly make a copy menu and make your new changes there.

Copy menus can be helpfull if you want to use them for the conditional purpose like you want to show different menu for the different users.

If you Want  to do duplicate a menu you can use a wordpress plugin called Duplicate Menu .After install and activate the Duplicate Menu plugin.You can just simply go to Appearance » Duplicate Menu to quickly make duplicate menu in WordPress.

Duplicate Menu screenshot-1

You need to select the menu you want to copy, and then Put a name for the new menu. After this you can click on Duplicate Menu button and That’s it.

Now you Go to Appearance » Menus, and you can select your duplicate menu from the drop down menus.

select menu

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