Disable Comments plugin not working with Avada Theme


To get Disable commentary no longer working, this will often be a plugin issue by using among the list of alternative plug ins. I actually momentarily incapable other excess plug ins however your posting website subject material would not download so next. I’m just as well witnessing several translates into a brief review vicinity to get logged around and vs . logged outside buyers (this will often be a person’s cache plugin dilemma).
I highly recommend you deactivate all of excess plug ins furthermore fusion-core plus Disable if ever the Disable commentary be good enough in that case.

This plugin allows administrators to globally disable comments on any post type (posts, pages, attachments, etc.) so that these settings cannot be overridden for individual posts. It also removes all comment-related fields from edit and quick-edit screens. On multisite installations, it can be used to disable comments on the entire network.

Additionally, comment-related items can be removed from the Dashboard, Widgets, the Admin Menu and the Admin Bar.

Important note: Use this plugin if you don’t want comments at all on your site (or on certain post types). Don’t use it if you want to selectively disable comments on individual posts – WordPress lets you do that anyway. If you don’t know how to disable comments on individual posts, there are instructions in the Faq.

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