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About This Site Are Shered ?


Many new in the guest wordpress the irrelevant post to the blogs and in case that post is not published. It is important to check that what topics are allowed in guest posts and below I’ve listed all those topics which we accept for the guest post.


We are Working This items Topic post provide.


  • Free Blogger or blog.
  • WordPress Tricks.
  • WordPress Widgets Create.
  • Blogger Templates.
  • WordPress Templates.
  • WordPress Themes.
  • Portfolio Themes. Business Themes.
  • Blogging Tips.
  • Premium WordPress Themes.
  • Search Engine Optimization. WordPress Site & Others Site Page Speed .
  • Make Money Online Help.
  • Plugins Settings , How to Apply Plugins.
  • Useful Tools & Plugins For WordPress.
  • And All About The WordPress!
  • WordPress Help.


Rules and Guidelines For Writing a Guest Post


For the security and legal purpose, we’ve some little rules for guest authors which every one needs to accept and follow. Simply, I’ve written down below.


  • Unique Content / Not Copied : This is most important thing that your post or article must be unique and not copied from anywhere else. No matter, if you spin those articles. We’ve some special tools to check that a content is copied or unique.
  • Article Must Be Well Written and SEO Friendly : This is the other thing on which we most focus that the article must be well written. It doesn’t have grammatical mistakes. Your article must be SEO friendly in which it may not have a lot of Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing.
  • It Must Have Minimum 300 Words : The content length is also important. I recommend to write at least 300 word article otherwise it will not be accepted.
  • Featured Image : You also have to send the featured or main image of the post along with the article. You can get it through Google Images or create a new one.
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